Aurora Oak Barrel Earrings


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This stunning wood jewelry is a favorite here at Lark. The Aurora earrings are made from reclaimed bourbon barrel and set in hand dyed resin, finished with sterling silver.

Every piece is a one-of-a-kind statement that is not only unique to the wearer but has a story to tell.

This wood jewelry celebrate the organic nature of raw and collected material. Each piece is cut and composed to highlight the innate beauty within the material and therefore is as distinctive as your own fingerprint. The natural imperfections in the wood is highlighted using pigments and resin.  The details of the grain come to life to create a harmony of color. The natural wood is then contrasted with hand-forged faceted silvers and golds for a brilliant finish.


Wood: Reclaimed Oak Bourbon Barrel
Dimensions: 2 3/8″ x  7/8″
Approximate Drop From Bottom of Earlobe: 1 3/4″

All wood is not created equal therefore color, texture, and shape are approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece. That way you can be sure your piece of jewelry is like no other.

Care Instructions

Maintaining your new jewelry is simple. Have a read of these steps and your jewelry will stay looking beautiful forever.

Store your wood jewelry in a cool dry place and avoid excessive contact with water. ​Sterling Silver will naturally tarnish if exposed to air and moisture over a long period of time. This is called oxidation therefore it is best to store all of your sterling silver jewelry in zip lock bags or other air-tight containers. The good news is that tarnishing is not permanent! Read on to learn more…

You can use any jewelry polishing cloth to buff and shine your metal. This will rub away tarnishing on your sterling silver and any other metal that has collected dirt and oil from daily wear. A few gentle wipes and your metal will sparkle like new!

-Use any gentle oil such as coconut oil, raw linseed oil or mineral oil etc.
-Use a rag or terry cloth to gently rub and massage the oil into the wood with the direction of the grain.
-Allow the oil to absorb for approximately 15 minutes.
-Wipe off any excess oil and buff with a clean dry towel.
We recommend treating your wood every 9-12 months, however there is no harm in doing it more frequently.

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