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Hand-poured soy candle in an 8 oz. glass mason jar, burns for 50+ hours 
Each Wax & Wane candle is lovingly made in small batches from soy wax derived from 100% American grown soybeans. The cotton wicks are lead & zinc free, creating a clean, environmentally friendly burn. These candles are always phthalate free & made with premium grade essential oils & fragrance.

Northwest Made

Baltic Amber

According to legend amber is produced at the moment the sun is setting, and the rays strike the surface of the soil.”  Capturing the setting sun rays, this balanced scent has top notes of rich vanilla, sandalwood, and musk combined with citrus, lavender, and jasmine.  Fragrance is infused with orange, lavandin, coaibabasalm, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils. 

Citrus & Mint

The perfect scent for Spring & Summer this combines the fresh tangy tones of Grapefruit infused with freshly picked garden mint. Hints of rhubarb and thyme combine beautifully with blood orange and tangy pomelo. This candle is high in essential oils including Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange, Lemon, Thyme, Bergamot, and Buchu Leaf. This candle is perfect in your kitchen or anywhere you want the scents of citrus orchards.


White sage and sea salt combined with base notes of jasmine vines, driftwood and cedar will transport you to the highlands of Big Sur. This candle is a little sweet and instantly relaxing with a high essential oil content.  

Portland Rose

Inspired by the Rose Gardens throughout Portland, Oregon, this brings hints of lily, lilac & hyacinth. Lavender, bergamot & ylang ylang essential oils add balance and complexity. This is a very floral scent! 

Sandalwood Forest 

Sandalwood has long been a considered a symbol of vitality and was often used in ancient medicine to relieve stress. This combines the warm scent of sandalwood and pine with the intoxicating floral notes of lily, ferns, and marigold. It is a perfect autumn and winter scent.

Sweet Dreams 

Lavender has been used since ancient Roman and Grecian times to cure insomnia and anxiety. Both relaxing and uplifting, Sweet Dreams creates a calm and balanced atmosphere. This Lavender scented  has a high essential oil content and is the perfect candle to relax to after a long day.

Sycamore Fig

Transport yourself to the groves of the Mediterranean with this earthy & sweet fig scent. Hints of musk, fig leaves, & oakmoss balance the sweetness of figs to create an intoxicating scent. 


This evergreen and fir forest scent is a delightful twist on the normal christmas tree scent. Douglas Firs with hints of spruce and pine trees creates a warm but winter atmosphere. Timberline is inspired by the scents of Mount Hood. 

Twig & Moss

Capturing the spirit of the Cascade Mountains, this is scented with moss, sage, amber, & undertones of rich woody evergreens. This candle is infused with natural sage, lavander and orange essential oils.

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Baltic Amber, Citrus & Mint, Pacific, Portland Rose, Sandalwood, Sweet Dreams, Sycamore Fig, Timberline, Twig & Moss